Caseificio e Salumificio Pieragnoli Nilo Srl has operated in the high-quality gastronomy business, bringing to your table genuine and natural products born from a long-lasting Tuscan and Italian artisanal tradition.

The company was born in 1949 when, after several years dedicated to sheep-farming on the hills of the Bisenzio Valley (Prato, Tuscany), Nilo Pieragnoli decided to start a real dairy-farm and salami production business. He began farming animals with great care and love. He also started producing cheeses and salami, which soon became very well-known and appreciated in the surrounding area.

Thanks to a passion handed down from father to son, to this day Pieragnoli invests in offering products of the highest quality and, on a wide and diversified market, he offers selected gastronomic products, characterized by unique and unmistakable flavours faithful to the peasant tradition and to those who carry out their work with passion and dedication. Cured hams, salami, sausages, "capocolli", "finocchiona" (typical Tuscan salami with fennel seeds), bacon, sheep and cow milk cheeses are just some of the numerous food specialties produced by the company.

Learn to love yourself and rediscover the taste of the days gone-by leading a healthy and natural lifestyle, where your most authentic and dear moments are infused with the scent of memories and tradition.