Gli Ori di Pieragnoli

The best selection of Pieragnoli products has been collected and added to the line "Gli Ori" (i.e. "The Gold") suitable for those who want to find the authenticity and quality of the past in the sophisticated flavor of today's products. "Bresaola" IGP from Valtellina, aged sausages, "finocchiona", "capocollo" in yellow paper, "guancia" (pig's cheek), "capocchia", "ricotta" and cheeses made with sheep's milk are carefully selected for "Gli Ori di Pieragnoli" which are available in the best stores in Tuscany and Emilia.

Linea Pieragnoli

The "Pieragnoli line" is synonymous with quality since 1949 and ever since it has been characterized by its wholesome and natural products. The "Pieragnoli line" consists of a large variety of aged, soft, sweet and sharp cheeses, salty and sweet cured hams, cooked hams, Italian pork shoulders, cooked bacon of the Bisenzio Valley but also products like pickles and pickled vegetables, typical biscuits, olive oil, sauces and dressings with which you can enhance your dishes with always new flavours.